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Mortgage Lending

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A Homebuyer’s Guide Of Documents To Bring When Applying For A Loan

Income Verifications
  • 2 years documentation
    • Tax returns, W2s, 1099
  • 2 months of most recent pay stubs
    • Pay stubs will prove your gross wage vs direct deposit will only prove your take home pay.

Most people will fall under the standard W2’s but business owners will need profit/loss statements.
Current paystubs are used to verify that one is still on the job and actively working.

  • Verification of deposit accounts
    • Checking, savings, CD statements
  • Retirement account statements
    • Most recent quarter-end statement

All accounts need to be verified.

  • List of debts, payment schedules, total borrowing amounts
    • Credit cards, vehicle payments, student loans, child support/alimony payments

We will use a credit report to re-verify this information.


Copy of purchase agreement, proof of insurance and policy information. These will sometimes come later in the process.