Alek Harvey

Alek Harvey

Assistant Vice President | Loan Officer

Specializes in Residential & Commerical Loans

NMLS # 1699968

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NMLS Number1699968
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Office Phone(641) 648 - 5171
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Location601 Washington Avenue Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126
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Community bankers fill a role that the larger multi-state/national banks can’t, because of the knowledge that we have of our communities and customers, and the personal, tailored level of service that we can provide. And because we live in these communities, and see our customers throughout town every day, every customer is more than just a data point. We want to see our customers and our town thrive. As our bank president likes to say, “What is good for the customer is good for the bank.”

I love getting to work with first-time home buyers, getting to take them through the steps and answering all their questions; helping them get qualified; guiding them through the process; and then getting the payoff at closing when they own their own home for the first time. It is very rewarding.

We have made the home mortgage process one of our specialties. We know our community, work very well with all of our local realtors and attorneys, and are very competitive on our rates and fees. And our core mortgage team brings a combined 20 years of experience to the table, so we can confidently help you work through the process from pre-approval to closing.

I have been with Iowa Falls State Bank since April 2013 when I started as a part-time teller after moving to Iowa from Seattle, Washington. During my time at Iowa Falls State Bank, I have worked as a teller, a customer service representative, a personal banker, a trainer, a loan processor, and now loan officer. Working up through the ranks has allowed me to see multiple facets of community banking, which have helped me become a more well rounded banker and lender.

Meet My Associates

Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the entire process, from your initial application to the final closing, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Doug Truex


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Dan Quinlin

Senior Loan Officer

Specializing in Agriculture & Commerical Loans

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Brooke Lauritson

Loan Officer

Specializing in Residential & Commerical Loans

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Randy Harding

Loan Officer

Specializing in Agriculture Loans

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Sara Walker

Loan Administrator

Specializing in
Consumer Loans

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Stephanie Clark

Loan Administrator

Trust Secretary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click here our full list of FAQs and Loan Terminology Glossary

To obtain a loan, begin by deciding on the type of loan that suits your financial journey. Iowa Falls State Bank is a local bank that offers a variety of loan options including

▷  Mortgages for a new home or investment property
▷  Home improvement loan like a HELOC (home equity line of credit)
▷  Auto loans
▷  Business loans
▷  Consumer loans
▷  And more!

Next, complete the loan application process; You can apply for a home loan through our online loan application, or you can consult and discuss loan options with a professional banker, like one of our experienced loan officers. A complete application will provide us with your updated financial information and authorize us to run your credit. This is an important step in your financial journey, helping us offer the best home improvement loan, fixed rate home equity loan, or a different loan that suit your needs.

For all other loan options, click the links above to download and print an application, or stop into Iowa Falls State Bank to pick one up today!

Yes! You can certainly apply for a loan before you find a property to purchase. We generally prefer to speak with customers ahead of time to at least start with a prequalification. Going a step further, if we can get you pre-approved, we can provide you with a commitment letter that would be needed for any accepted purchase agreement or to be submitted with your offer to buy. This proactive approach not only simplifies your financial journey but also gives you a clearer picture of your loan options, mortgage interest rates, and estimated monthly payments. Whether you’re considering a 30-year mortgage or a 15-year mortgage, understanding current mortgage rates available will help you make an informed decision. Our loan team and local mortgage lenders are here to guide you through the process, whether you’re looking to refinance or apply for a mortgage for the first time. Starting your loan application early, even through an online loan application, ensures you’re prepared to act quickly when you find your dream home.

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Grant Money Opportunities

There may be a number of different grants available to you depending on the loan products you choose. 

Ask your loan advisor for more details