Enhanced Security

IFSB is adding Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to your Mobile and Online Banking Login!

What is Multi Factor Authentication and how does it work?

Multi Factor Authentication is a way to verify that you are who you claim to be.  Usually it combines a piece of information that you know, such as a password, with something that you have, such as a text PIN or a code that you have to re-enter to access your account.

Have you ever logged into an online account and then received a text message to confirm it was you actually logging in?  Its a common experience, especially with financial or heath accounts but increasingly with many kinds of online accounts that have sensitive information.

Are you Ready?

The first step in multi factor authentication is make sure your information that the bank has is accurate and current.  When you login into your IFSB mobile or online banking account you will be prompted to verify/update your current contact information by checking your profile information.

Once MFA is activated a one time security code will be text or emailed to you to verify your security on each device you use to access your account information.

Please remember never share your account information including passwords or this security code with anyone.

How do I update my contact information 

Online bank account holders will be provided a “contact information” form (example below) to verify or update your contact information.  This contact information will be used to communicate to the account holder a six-digit CODE used during the login process each time the online banking account is accessed.

During the login process you may choose the following methods of delivery for your authentication code.

  1. Email – A code will be sent to the email address provided on the “Contact information” form
  2. Voice Message – a voice message will be sent to the “Home Phone” provided on the “Contact Information” form.
  3. SMS/Text – a text message will be sent to the “Mobile Phone” provided on the “Contact information” form.

It is Important to verify the contact information is correct as this is the only information used to relay the CODE to the user during the login procedure.  No username or password will be changed by using this this form.